From Poverty to Living Wage Careers Through Education and Training

Lifting unemployed and underemployed North Texans out of poverty through education and multidimensional support tailored to each student's circumstances, Skill QUEST sponsors low income workers with the determination to succeed in life.

As a workforce intermediary, Skill QUEST enables program participants to obtain the job skills, certifications, training, tools and supplies needed to move directly into jobs paying family living wages, with benefits and a career path, with quality North Texas employers.

Beginning with community outreach to identify and partner with employers needing skilled workers, Skill QUEST only sponsors training where there is assurance of an interview for just such a job upon completion of the long term (typically 2-3 years) training required.

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Skill QUEST Students with Polo Shirts featuring the Skill QUEST logo.Call to order your t-shirt today!
Skill QUEST students with polo shirts featuring the Skill QUEST logo.
Call to order your t-shirt today!