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Ada Simmons and Karen Rayzer congratulate Octavia Pope.

The mission of Skill QUEST is to lift working adults out of poverty into family living wage careers through education. We do this more effectively through a multifaceted sponsorship program tailored to the circumstances of each individual and designed to assure the highest likelihood of multigenerational success. Our vision is a future in which every person has access to the highest quality education to develop their full potential at affordable costs. Our programs vary from time to time, depending upon the amount and constraints of our agency's funding. Below your will find information and available forms and applications for programs currently available for students new to our programs. Current students should visit our "Student Resources" page.


EMPOWER is for those qualified individuals who want to work toward a certificate in high tech/high skill fields such as computer technology, web design and administration, health care, auto/diesel mechanics, auto body repair, constructional specialization fields, or logistics, or for those who are currently enrolled in a nursing program and need assistance in finishing their ADN.

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