From Poverty to Living Wage Careers Through Education and Training

Lifting unemployed and underemployed North Texans out of poverty through education and multidimensional support tailored to each student's circumstances, Skill QUEST sponsors low income workers with the determination to succeed in life.

As a workforce intermediary, Skill QUEST enables program participants to obtain the job skills, certifications, training, tools and supplies needed to move directly into jobs paying family living wages, with benefits and a career path, with quality North Texas employers.

Beginning with community outreach to identify and partner with employers needing skilled workers, Skill QUEST only sponsors training where there is assurance of an interview for just such a job upon completion of the long term (typically 2-3 years) training required.

2015 North Texas Giving Day, September 17th, 6 am until midnight

North Texas Giving Day, 2014, from 6 am until midnight

SAVE THE DATE: 2015's North Texas Giving Day will be September 17, 2015. Last year's event was a tremendous success for Skill QUEST, raising thousands of dollars we've used to match the $650,000.00 from the State's ACE Fund that was awarded to Skill QUEST, subject to our receiving equal matching funding from local and regional funders. We are actively visiting with all our past and present students, talking with every one of our generous donors who have supported us through the years, and networking throughout the community with individuals, private businesses, city and county officials, and others to grow our funding base, not only to match the state's funds, but further to insure low income working adults throughout north Texas will always have a clear pathway out of poverty and into great jobs that pay a family living wage plus provide good benefits and a rewarding career path. Won't you help us help our neighbors? We encourage you to take advantage of the additional funding North Texas Giving Day makes available through the generous multiplication added by Community Foundation of Texas and other area donors. Just visit

If you have opportunities such as bulletin boards and windows where a poster advertising NTGD would help to motivate others to support Skill QUEST, please CLICK HERE to download an 8.5" x 11" PDF poster you may print and distribute. Thanks for your help..

If you miss out on NTGD, you can always support our work at Thank you.

Skill QUEST Awarded $500,000.00 ACE Fund Matching Grant and is Open for New Enrollment

Skill QUEST FlyerMay 27, 2014: Skill QUEST announced at a press conference today it is the recipient of a $500,000.00 matching grant from the State of Texas ACE Fund to continue and expand its workforce intermediary activities in North Texas. Executive Director Dr. Priscilla Kimery said that with matching funds from other sources, this will bring a total of a million dollars or more to Skill QUEST's long term training for high wage, high demand jobs. CLICK HERE to view the entire 22 minute press conference. To view WFAA's (Dallas TV Channel 8) video coverage, please CLICK HERE.

On September 18, 2014, Skill QUEST received notification of additional ACE funding in the amount of $150,000, bringing the total ACE funding for north Texas to $650,000!

To learn about current qualifications and requirements, please download the 2014/2015 Flyer for Dallas and Collin Counties in PDF format by CLICKING HERE. To download our Skill QUEST sponsorship application form, please CLICK HERE.

Skill QUEST Students with Polo Shirts featuring the new Skill QUEST logo.
Skill QUEST students with polo shirts featuring the new Skill QUEST logo.
Get yours from your Career Counselor today!

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